As part of the move to a results-based regulatory approach, the Ministry of Environment has launched an online application portal.  Now, clients can create a profile and apply for several different types of permits online.  The new portal will:

  • Make it easier for applicants to provide all the needed information, conveniently
  • Allow clients to track their applications and approvals
  • Streamline ministry review and approval processes

Right now, clients can submit applications for ten different types of permits via the portal.  More permits will be added over time, with the goal of providing online application access for most activities requiring permits or registration.

Certain features of this application require that you install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in please download it here.

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Before starting an application, you must create a client profile. This profile will allow you to manage your information and to track applications and approvals you have in the system. Your username and password also helps ensure that your privacy is protected. To create a profile, click here.

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